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Membership FAQ:


How long are your subscriptions?
All Deluxe Membership plans are month to month or for a time period
of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, subject to automatic renewal
unless cancelled. We make it simple to start - and stop - your service
at any time.
Is there an advantage to signing up for a full year?
Yes. Signing up for a full year membership provides you with additional perks including a Super Deluxe Item and additional eStore Bonus Points. The yearly membership is the best value for your money. For more information, check out the breakdown of our Deluxe Memberships.
How do I upgrade my child's Webkinz World Account
to Deluxe?
Upgrading to Deluxe is easy; once you're logged into your Ganz eStore
Account, click the "Webkinz Deluxe Membership" button on the left
and then select the 'Upgrade' button for the Membership you wish to
purchase from the options provided. From here, the site will prompt
you to input information for the Webkinz World Account that
you want to upgrade to deluxe as well as all your payment information.
Confirm your order and you're done! Your Webkinz World Account
will be upgraded immediately.
How do I cancel the automatic renewal option on my Deluxe Membership?
Canceling automatic renewal is done online right from your Account Manager or from your billing email notifications. You will receive a membership expiry notification 30 days prior to the end of your membership period. This notification will inform you of when your credit card will be charged and will also provide you the option to cancel the automatic renewal if you wish to do so. 30 day expiry notifications are not sent for monthly memberships. Webkinz World Automatic Account Renewal subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. To avoid any unnecessary charges to your credit card, cancellations must be done a full 48 hours in advance of the next billing date.
What is a Super Deluxe Item?
A Super Deluxe Item is a special bonus gift awarded for signing up for
a 1 year Deluxe Membership. Deluxe members that have not signed up
for a 1 year membership will not be awarded the Super Deluxe Item for
12 consecutive months worth of a Deluxe Membership.
What can my child expect to receive in my monthly gift box?
Each Deluxe member will receive a monthly gift box containing one random item, one exclusive Deluxe Membership item, and a wish token. Monthly gift boxes are awarded to members who have purchased the 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year Deluxe Memberships.
Can I send a Deluxe Membership as a gift?
Yes. Deluxe Memberships can be purchased as a code that can be
printed to make them the perfect gift for any Webkinz fan.
These membership codes can be redeemed at the Ganz eStore to
upgrade any Webkinz World Account.
How do I renew my Deluxe Membership that I received as a gift?
If you received your Deluxe Membership upgrade as a gift, the only way
to renew your membership is to purchase a membership yourself. This membership will renew automatically for you at the end of each term.
Please note, however, that a membership purchase may not take effect immediately and maybe stacked to start when the active Deluxe Membership expires; so it is not possible to have more than one membership active on your Webkinz World Account at the same time.
Can I switch plans?
Currently the only way to switch your Deluxe Membership plan is
to cancel the automatic renewal of your current Deluxe Membership
and purchase a new one once your current Deluxe Membership has run
Why do I need to create an eStore Account to purchase a membership?
In order to properly process Deluxe Membership upgrades, we require all users to purchase their memberships through Ganz eStore.
Can I use my eStore Points to upgrade my Webkinz
World Account to deluxe?
No. Deluxe Membership upgrades can only be purchased with a credit
Where do the monthly eStore Points go?
All eStore Points acquired through Deluxe Membership will be delivered to a Ganz eStore Account that purchased the membership by default. If the membership upgrade was a gift and acquired through a code; all eStore Points will be delivered to the specific Ganz eStore Account that redeemed the Membership Code. If you wish to have the Bonus and Monthly eStore Points sent to the Primary Webkinz World Account, you can do so by selecting the Monthly eStore Points option to 'ON' while purchasing a Webkinz World Deluxe Membership or by selecting the checkbox while redeeming the gift Membership Code. Please note: eStore Points deposited directly into a Webkinz eStore Account cannot be undone and that currently the Webkinz eStore offers virtual items only. Plush Toys are not available for purchase from Webkinz eStore at this time.

Can I reactivate my expired Webkinz World
Account with a Deluxe Membership upgrade?
Yes, upgrading to a Webkinz World Deluxe Account will reactivate
an expired Webkinz World Account.
What is a Bonus Account?
A Bonus Account is a Webkinz World Account with the benefits of Deluxe Membership, which you can add to the purchase of 1 Year Webkinz World Deluxe Membership for only $14.99. Bonus accounts cannot be added to an existing 1 year Webkinz World Membership. Please note that if you purchased a 1 Year Deluxe Membership Upgrade with $5.00 bonus accounts, your renewal charges for all bonus accounts will remain at $5.00 each, for each renewal period, until you cancel your Memberships.
How many Bonus Accounts can I get?
You can get up to 4 Bonus Accounts with a purchase of  a 1 Year
Webkinz World Deluxe Membership.
Can I send my monthly eStore Points to my Bonus Account?
No. Monthly and Bonus eStore Points can only be sent to the Account you specify as the Primary Webkinz Account.
Where do I find my Order History?
You can find your Order History page at ganzestore.com once you
have logged in.  Click the 'Manage Account' and then the 'Order History'
Can I transfer my Deluxe Membership to another Webkinz World Account?
No. Webkinz World Memberships are not transferrable.
Can I terminate Deluxe Membership on a Bonus
Yes, you can terminate the Deluxe Membership against a Bonus
Account by contacting Ganz Customer Service by email at
ganzestorecs@ganz.com or by phone at 1-888-818-8770
from the US and Canada.
Office hours: 9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday. If there is an
automatic renewal in effect against the Bonus Account, the automatic
renewal will be cancelled for the Primary Account and any other
Bonus Accounts on the automatic renewal.
I need more help, can I speak to someone at Ganz eStore?
Absolutely! Ganz eStore Customer Support will be happy to help you by email at ganzestorecs@ganz.com or by phone at 1-888-818-8770 from the US and Canada. Office hours: 9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.