2017 Winterfest Cookie 6 Pack

Deluxe Members:

Feed your pet a pack of these refreshing cookies to win wonderful Winterfest prizes! There are lots of new prizes to be won!

Feed 2017 Winterfest Cookie to your pet for a chance to win an exclusive Winterfest Cookie Prize or the Grand Prize Snow Fort Slide!

Drag and drop your 2017 Winterfest Cookie 6-Pack from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as the Pack magically awards consumable 2017 Winterfest Cookies to your dock! Feed the cookies to your pet for a chance to win a random 2017 Winterfest Cookie prize per cookie.

NOTE: Each 2017 Winterfest Cookie 6-Pack awards six 2017 Winterfest Cookies. Once opened this 2017 Winterfest Cookie 6-Pack cannot be reused.

For a full list of 2017 Winterfest Cookie Prizes, see this Webkinz Newz article - Sneak Peek: Winterfest Cookies!

Item is a virtual, online item for use on a Webkinz.com account only. 
This item cannot be sold back to the W Shop, traded or sent via KinzPost.