Patty MAZIN' Hamster



MAZIN' Hamster

It's not a Leprechaun you see before you, it's Patty the MAZIN' Hamster! This gallant green go-getter will always seem like it's the top o' the morning with their sham-rockin' Hamster Ball and Tube Design! You'll definitely be feeling lucky when you add Patty the MAZIN' Hamster to your collection!

Did you know that MAZIN' Hamsters can also be unlocked for play
in Amazing World, a new, fun and FREE 3D online game!

That's right! A MAZIN' Hamster Feature Code unlocks: 
   • One Hamster for use in your Pet's room in Webkinz World
   • One 3D Hamster for use in MAZIN' Hamsters within Webkinz World - includes one Hamster Ball and Tube Design
   • One 3D Hamster for use in Amazing World

Register Online-only MAZIN' Hamster Feature Codes in the Code Shop on and in the Register A Zing section of the Journal on and unlock AMAZING 3D worlds of fun!

Online-only MAZIN’™ Hamsters are virtual, online items for use on active or accounts only.